The charming chalet village of Gstaad is one of the most exclusive resorts in the Swiss Alps. Traditional architecture and breathtaking views attract crowds from all over the world – including famous celebrities and royalty. The Gstaad valley provides access to one of the largest ski area in Switzerland, with over 220km of groomed pistes to enjoy. Slopes around Gstaad vary in difficulty but make the perfect destination for beginner and intermediate skiers.

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More About Gstaad

In the heart of the Gstaad valley, is the town of Gstaad – an icon for high-end living and exclusive restaurants, bars, and activities. Edged by gentle mountains and thriving forests, the picturesque village of Gstaad offers visitors traditional Swiss culture with a modern, luxurious twist.

Gstaad offers skiers and snowboards access to one of the largest ski areas in Switzerland. Over 220km of pistes surround the village with a variety of grades that are best suited to beginners and intermediates. Slopes vary from high, glacier skiing to low, wooded trails.

Summers in Gstaad are filled with warm sunshine feeding the luscious greenery around the village. The melting snow reveals over 300km of hiking trails, these range in difficulty from gentle walks to demanding climbs. High alpine lakes are a popular attraction and look breathtaking against the steel blue skies.

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